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My RSS Feed fixed at last

May 8th, 2007 2 comments

For a few weeks now my rss feed on this blog was not working and it took me a while to track down the problem. When I ran the feed through the feed validator it reported that the feed was being returned as text/html as opposed to text/xml.

After alot of testing and trying to track the issue down, it eventually turned out to be due to a wordpress plugin that I installed a while back to do syntax highlighting called WP-dp.SyntaxHighlighter. It did the trick with the syntax highlighting for code snippets but it totally messed up my rss feed. In order to fix the feed I deactivated the plugin and began the search for a similar plugin which wouldn’t mess up the rss feed. I have just installed the WP-Syntax plugin as a replacement code syntax highlighter plugin and it works a treat without breaking my rss feed.

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Code Syntax Highlighting in WordPress

March 22nd, 2007 Comments off

Since this blog is of a technical nature I plan to be posting more code snippets as time goes on. I obviously want the source code to appear pretty on my blog with all the syntax highlighting that one is used to in modern IDEs (including Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005). I run this blog using WordPress and I have just installed a plugin to take care of the Syntax highlighting called WP-dp.SyntaxHighlighter. It supports many languages and I’ll be interested mainly in the .NET languages. Below is an example of a code snippet in C#

using System; 

public class ReverseArraySort
   public static void Main()
      string[] strings = {"beta", "alpha", "gamma"};
      Console.WriteLine ("Array elements: ");
      DisplayArray  (strings);
      Array.Sort    (strings); // Sort elements
      DisplayArray  (strings);
   public static void DisplayArray (Array array)
      foreach (object o in array)
         Console.Write ("{0} ", o);
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Setting up a CronJob with CPanel

February 7th, 2007 Comments off

For hosting this site and many others I work with CPanel (hosting control panel). I needed to find out how to set up a Cron Job. A Cron Job is nothing more than a job that runs on a schedule. So you could call a script at a specified time every week or send an email report at the same time every day automatically.

I googled for it and I came across this little show video tutorial of how to set up a cronjob using cpanel

In fact after hunting around a bit I found many more cpanel video tutorials on the same site.

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WordPress posting issue solved at last :)

February 2nd, 2007 5 comments

For the past few months now I have been having issues when posting to my WordPress blogs. I type in the post and click Publish and after what seems like forever a blank post.php page appears. The post does get submitted but a blank page is shown. After alot of debugging I have solved the issue.

If you have this issue with the blank post.php page when posting then the issue is most likely some one of the sites in your ping list is timing out.

Alot of people say that by simply removing from the list it should work but this did not work for me. I had to go through alot of the ping list to eliminate which ones were causing issues.

Here is my current ping list and with this ping list I do not have the blank post.php issue. Hope this helps someone else. 🙂

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Timeout issue when posting in WordPress 2.0.4 solved

November 27th, 2006 11 comments

Every time I wrote a WordPress post and published it the page would time out.  The post would be posted but the page time out was a bit worrying.  After a bit of googling, the issue seems to be that I was using an older version of the No Ping Wait plugin.  I thought that the upgrade to the latest version would solve the problem but it failed to help.  In the end I have disabled the No Ping Wait wordpress plugin and the timeout issue has disappeared. 

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WordPress 2.0.4 and WPCron database backups

November 6th, 2006 8 comments

I have a few of my blogs running on WordPress 1.4 with the WP Cron and WP Database Backup plugins working perfectly, I would get an automated email everyday with a backup of each of my blog’s databases.  Thanks GMail for all the space 😉

Well, I recently upgraded my blogs to WordPress 2.0.4 and I stopped getting the automated emails.  The WP Database Backup plugin comes pre-installed with version 2.0.4 of WordPress and my WP Cron plugin was left untouched.  I checked the versions of my old WP Database Backup plugin against the new version and they both were 1.7, so I initially thought that the WP Cron plugin was the issue.

I eventually debugged it down to the fact that the two WP Database Backup plugins (old and new) were different even though they both stated version 1.7.   So I overwrote the newer WP Database Backup plugin with my old backup copy of the WP Database Backup plugin and the emails started to arrive again with the blog backups attached.

The versions that work for me with WordPress 2.0.4 are:

WP Cron

WP Database Backup

So I had to use the older version of the WP Database Backup plugin (not the version shipped with WP 2.0.4).  Disappointing that two different versions of the WP Database Backup plugin were both labelled version 1.7.

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What are the Best Blogging Tools ?

October 26th, 2006 Comments off

I have started this blog recently and have been searching for the ultimate blogging tools.  I have been blogging on other blogs for over a year now so I had some experience of the different tools available.  Up to a few weeks ago my main blogging tools were RSSBandit for reading all my feeds and wbloggar for posting blog entries. wbloggar integrates nicely into RSS Bandit which a right click on the item to post about it.  So why am I still searching for the ultimate blogging tools ?

Well the main disadvantage I find is that they both are Windows applications (offline tools).  RSS Bandit has a synchronisation feature so that when I installed it in many locations I could use my ftp space to store synchronisation information.  Still, though what I was really after is some online solution where I only need a web browser to run my blogs.

 In the last few weeks I have been using Google Reader  Google have updated it recently and I must say that I am very impressed.  Ok, so this solved my reading online but what about posting to blogs.  Currently I am using the Firefox Performancing plugin to post to some of my blogs.  Strictly speaking the plugin is still installed locally on my pc but at least it allows to read and post all from within my browser.

I am still on the look out for the ultimate solution, whereby I could read/blog from any internet enabled computer in the world without having to install any tools.

What tools do you use now for blogging ? 

Share some of your suggestions here 




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