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RememberTheMilk and Google Calendar integration

November 27th, 2006

I have been using RememberTheMilk for nearly a year now and I really like it.  It is for managing todo lists and it sends email reminders (sms reminders for some countries but not for Ireland).  The interface is pretty slick and you can add tasks such as next Monday and it will convert it to the correct date etc.  Another feature I like is that you can email in a task, it generates an email address for you and any emails sent to that email address will be automatically added as a task.

Now, Google Calendar and RememberTheMilk are integrated so you can see your RememberTheMilk tasks within Google Calendar.   Add your tasks to Google Calendar

While I was testing this integration I noticed that in Google Calendar that you can send sms reminders to an Irish mobile :)  This could be the feature which makes me switch over to Google Calendar for good.  I will do a bit of testing over the next few days to see how I like Google Calendar. 

 This just shows you that you can have the slickest interface but sometime it comes down to a killer feature.

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