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What are the Best Blogging Tools ?

October 26th, 2006

I have started this blog recently and have been searching for the ultimate blogging tools.  I have been blogging on other blogs for over a year now so I had some experience of the different tools available.  Up to a few weeks ago my main blogging tools were RSSBandit www.rssbandit.org for reading all my feeds and wbloggar www.wbloggar.com/ for posting blog entries. wbloggar integrates nicely into RSS Bandit which a right click on the item to post about it.  So why am I still searching for the ultimate blogging tools ?

Well the main disadvantage I find is that they both are Windows applications (offline tools).  RSS Bandit has a synchronisation feature so that when I installed it in many locations I could use my ftp space to store synchronisation information.  Still, though what I was really after is some online solution where I only need a web browser to run my blogs.

 In the last few weeks I have been using Google Reader http://reader.google.com.  Google have updated it recently and I must say that I am very impressed.  Ok, so this solved my reading online but what about posting to blogs.  Currently I am using the Firefox Performancing plugin  http://performancing.com/firefox to post to some of my blogs.  Strictly speaking the plugin is still installed locally on my pc but at least it allows to read and post all from within my browser.

I am still on the look out for the ultimate solution, whereby I could read/blog from any internet enabled computer in the world without having to install any tools.

What tools do you use now for blogging ? 

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